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Slots - Tips on Playing

In general, today’s machines should be played with maximum coins. You don’t necessarily increase your chances of winning but you do increase the amount you can win. Not only can you win more but you also lower the casino’s hold on you. If playing the maximum coins on a machine returns 96 percent of the money played, rather than 90 percent for fewer coins, you are certainly better off playing the maximum.

When you are playing a machine and using the maximum number of coins, after you insert your coins, make sure that the machine’s line reflects that. Some machines are slow to light up your play lines and then suddenly you hit – but you get paid off at a lower rate than you deserve to be. Most machines some with a warning about waiting for the lines to light up before pulling the arm or pushing the button.

If you are playing a progressive machine, pick the ones where the jackpot is at or past the amount of its payouts in the past. Some jackpots are reputed to be payable only after reaching a certain total – that’s when the creature in the machine wakes up and starts including the jackpot in its calculations. Before that, the jackpot is just a pretty sign flashing meaningless numbers. (This information is pure speculation but you have nothing to lose by following this advice.

It is advisable to always play the machine closest to the door. This isn’t being mentioned because this machine is programmed to pay out more, but because you’ll have a faster exit when you lose all your money, and if you happen not to smoke, you can always get some fresh air. There is also more leg room too. In the past these machines may have been the loosest Slots in the house used to attract players, but in today’s casino attracting Slots players isn’t a problem.

Always keep records of your losses. If you are an established Slots player, you might just hit the big one, one day, or one worth more than $1,200, and then guess what? That’s right. The taxman cometh! So you want to be able to show how much you’ve lost in the past to write against your wins. The tax people are interested in any Slots winnings that are worth $1 200 or more. The casino has these forms it fills out and sends to the IRS. Although you can’t write off gambling losses against salaries or business profits, you can write them off against gambling wins – up to the amount of your win! So keep some kind of running record – even if it depresses you knowing how much you’re donating to the machines.

Avoid the little places, like gas stations, and small Slots parlors because their payouts reflect their floor space.

The old adage of “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” holds true in the world of Slots promotions. A popular promotion is “Try a free spin every hour on our jumbo jackpot!” To do this you have to hang around the Slots parlor for an hour. In that hour, the chances you will play and play possibly inferior games is large. Sometimes when you win it is only a chance at another free spin in another hour!

Never play more machines than you can comfortably watch. Why someone would want to play more than one machine is beyond comprehension. If you do play more than one machine, be aware of the fact that there are Slots cheats that just might be waiting to help you carry your winnings by dipping their hands into your trays when you aren’t watching.

Only play through your money once. This is probably the best advice that can be given to you. No matter how much money you bring to a casino for however long you intend to stay, you should divide it up into rounds of equal proportions – depending on how many rounds you want to play. For each round, play only that money set aside for that round through the machine once. To limit the temptation of not playing any of the coins you win. Put them aside in a separate bucket, or leave them, untouched, in the tray. By playing this way, you limit your exposure to the grinding effects of the machine’s programmed payback scheme. It is a far better strategy to bring more money with you, with the knowledge that this is all you can possibly lose if you don’t hit a single payout, than it is to bring less money, hit several good payouts, only to give it all back by continuing to play. The later plan will in reality cost you more than bringing more money with you to play. A single play-through gives you a better chance to come home a winner.

The key to coming home a winner on any given trip into the world of Slots in not to get caught up in the mania. The Slots machines are designed to entice people to play. The flashing lights and dinging bells are all specifically designed to be pleasing to the human eyes and ears. It is with these and other lures that casinos use to draw people in and keep them playing.

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