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Official Poker Rules

Poker has a large number of Official Poker Rules concerning the game from how to bet to how the cards should be handled. Following the Official Poker Rules is very important, especially in situations that involve the integrity of your hand. You don’t want to provide your opponents an easy win because of a technicality. Unlike in blackjack or craps, the other players won’t be rooting for you to receive a lenient judgment. With that in mind, here are some of the more important Official Poker Rules that you will want to remember.

According to the Official Poker Rules there are a number of reasons ,yYou must keep your cards in sight at all times. Leave them on the table. Don’t show them to other players or anyone else. Not only is this a dumb move but revealing your hand to another player before a showdown can be grounds for having your hand declared dead.

Your hand is considered dead if you or someone else throws all or part of your hand into the discard pile. This could happen if the dealer thinks you’re folding when your not. You could even be bluffed into tossing your cards into the pile.

Should one or more cards fall off the table when you are revealing them, your hand is again considered dead. Another way to have your hand declared dead is if another player’s cards touch yours. In this last case, both hands would be considered dead.

When following Official Poker Rules, it is not possible to buy chips during a hand. You are only allowed to play with table stakes, or the chips you have available on the table. When you run out of chips while competing for a pot is called being “all-in”. It is still possible to win everything in the pot up to the point you go “all-in”. Any bets made after you go “all-in” will be placed in a side pot. The remaining players can win both pots, or just the second pot if you win the first.

If you win a pot, hold on to the winning cards and leave them face up until the chips are pushed to you. There is no proof that the pot is yours if the hand is discarded before that.

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