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Keno Strategy for Choosing Numbers

In keno the odds for a particular match can be in the millions. Unfortunately, keno payouts don’t match. All regular keno games have a limit on their jackpot. It may be $100 000, $200 000, $350 000, or something else, but there is always a total amount per game beyond which the casino will not pay.

This is one reason that experienced keno players don’t usually bet more than eight spots on a straight ticket. The odds against hitting all eight numbers of eight numbers picked are approximately 230 114 to 1. Matching Nine out of nine numbers increases the odds to more than 1.3 million. A straight $10 ticket would hit the payout limit both ways. Why expose yourself to the extra risk?

A smarter keno strategy would be to divide the $10 into multiple bets on a way ticket. You can bet fifty cents on the big catch and the rest on smaller sets. If pigs fly, you’ll get a huge payoff, but you will also win with the other combinations that are hundreds and thousands of times more likely to appear.

Which numbers should you play? As you know, each game is independent and every number has an exactly equal chance. The saying that fund managers frequently use also holds true for keno: “Past results are not indicative of future performance.”

You will read advertisements to the contrary. They will offer systems to track the numbers drawn and predict which numbers will appear. They will offer guaranteed patterns and schemes. Some providers of these systems will even require you to sign an agreement to send them money when you win. One ingenious approach is to sell the system in a series of payments. The total price for one system is $1 995, but they will send it to you after a first payment of only $49. The balance is not due until you win using the system. They are a generous group to give you such a break, aren’t they?

If anyone had a truly winning keno strategy system they would keep it secret and use it sparingly. You wouldn’t find it advertised on the back pages of a magazine or on the internet.

The best keno strategy for picking numbers is to follow your heart and you intuition. Did you wake up this morning with seven numbers dancing in your brain? Do you have any favorite numbers? Then by all means bet them!

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