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The Basics of Keno

Have you ever played the lottery? Keno is very similar to the lotteries that regularly run pretty much everywhere. Pick your numbers and see what comes up!

The exact rules you play by will vary from casino to casino, but the idea is usually the same. You have 80 numbers to choose from on the Keno playboard. You can choose up to 15 of these numbers, and the house will draw 20. If the numbers match, you win. Pretty simple, isn't it?

Began by choosing 15 of the available numbers. Many casinos offer a ten-thousand times the amount of your bet if you land all fifteen numbers, an excellent payoff. Imagine betting a dollar and coming back with $10000! Unfortunately, the odds really are against you on this type of bet; it's somewhere in the region of one in nine million that you'll land all 15 numbers.

Now, you don't need to land all of the numbers you pick to win; typically, you'll get your money back if you get five right, twice your money if you get six, 150 times your bid if you hit ten, and so on.

The smart Keno player will choose fewer numbers, which don't pay quite as nicely but do increase your odds by leaps and bounds. Hitting eight out of eight can offer a payout of 720 times what you wager, and the odds of hitting this combination are one in roughly two hundred and thirty thousand. Choosing six numbers and winning on all of them will commonly give you 75 times the amount you wager, and your odds improve to less than one eight thousand. Much better than one in nine million, isn't it?

What can we conclude? Honestly, Keno is a difficult game to win. Your odds aren't all that great, and you need to be very lucky to hit the big jackpot. However, the possibility of winning thousands of dollars off a single dollar bet is tempting, and Keno is a very easy game to play; just pick 'em and see what happens. It's best to play Keno between other games, instead of making it a full-time pursuit.

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