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Let Them Ride Poker

Let Them Ride poker is another poker-style game that has made its mark in the casino world. While the house advantage is marginally better for the player then in Caribbean Stud, this game still carries a strong casino edge.

Let Them Ride poker is more like video poker than Caribbean Stud, or most other poker games. Players don’t have to beat a dealer’s hand or the other players. They only have to compile a winning poker hand.

The table which is blackjack-sized contains three betting circles. To start the game you must place three equal sized bets in each circle. The players are dealt three cards, to start the game, and the dealer places two community cards in the center of the table. The player examines his three cards, and if he doesn’t like his hand, he can remove one bet. If he likes his chances, he can “let them ride”.

The second round of betting gives each player one more card, and the first community card is revealed. The player then determines if he likes his new hand. Again the decision to Let them ride poker or to remove one bet is presented.

Players must let the final bet ride. The dealer places a fifth card in each players hand and reveals the second community card. The players now make their best five-card poker hand from the five cards in their hands and the two community cards.

The game is gaining popularity in the same way Caribbean Stud has, and, in some cases, is supplanting Caribbean Stud. But is most casinos, there is room for both games.

The even-money payoff on the Tens or better, the ability to withdraw two-thirds of your initial bet, and the fact that the player has only to build a winning hand, and not beat a dealer, are all popular features of Let Them Ride poker.

Bets are paid off according to the following table:



Pair of tens or more


Two pair


Three of a kind






Full house


Four of a kind


Straight flush


Royal Flush

1 000-1

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