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Welcome to Awesome Casino!
We've relaunched, with a slick new look and a strong new focus - Awesome Casino is going to teach you how to win at all of your favorite internet casino games. From baccarat to video poker, you'll find tutorials, reviews and strategies from the pros right here.

Gambling Tournaments
Check out these inexpensive online gambling tournaments, courtesy of

Progressive or No-Jackpot Slots - Which to Play?
Progressive jackpot slot machines offer huge jackpots that can be won with a single spin. But regular, no-jackpot slots continue to exist, and remain quite popular. Why are people playing these games in their land based and/or internet casino of their choice, when huge amounts of cash can be won on top of regular payouts on progressive machines? Click here.

Review: 24kt Gold Casino
With a whopping 38 games, including a handful of the best progressive jackpot slot machines we've ever seen, the 24kt Gold internet casino is a fantastic choice for gambling newbies and experts alike. Click here.

Feature: the Hands of Poker
The many variations of poker make it seem like it might be a complicated game, but it really isn't - if you can figure out the sequence of cards, you're set. Click here.

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